Sellers guide-01

How it works

Who can sell ?

Vilyoo is a marketplace for artists & designers or individuals creating beautiful handmade products (using modern crafting techniques) to sell their creations. The site is not for traders or wholesalers. The designers can outsource the production to other individuals but not to a mass production unit.

What can I sell?

  • Craft Objects made from medium like paper, glass, clay, thread, bead, wood, metal, leather etc.
  • Supplies & tools needed to create craft products
  • Do-It-Yourself kits related to crafts
  • Online or location based workshops/classes teaching art & craft techniques
  • Customization services related to crafts


How will I be paid?

Once you sign in, you will be asked to share your bank details & PAN card number. These details are required by Vilyoo to ensure timely payment to the seller.  Payment will be transferred to seller account after the order fulfillment process viz., buyer receives the shipment in acceptable condition.

Applicable taxes

  1. VAT (Value Added Tax) is a form of indirect tax imposed only on goods sold within a particular state, which essentially means that the buyer and the seller needs to be in the same state. 
  2. CST (Central Sales Tax) is a form of indirect tax imposed only on goods sold from one state to another state, which particularly takes into account that the buyer and the seller needs to be in two different states.
  3. Octroi state government levies the octroi charges when the product enters the state. These charges are applicable in Maharashtra and Gujarat and the charges fluctuate as per the Government regulations and we are unable to confirm the amount. The octroi charges vary from 3% to 6% of the product value.  Octroi will be charged to the seller on actuals.

Registration requirements

  1. VAT (Value Added Tax) registration is compulsory if your turnover exceeds Rs 5 lacs. On registration, you will be allotted a unique 11 digit TIN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number).
  2. CST (Central Sales Tax) registration is not dependent on amount of turnover. Simply put, registration becomes compulsory once you affects an inter-state sale.

However, to sell on Vilyoo no registration is required at this time. We will be adding the taxes in our invoices. If you need registration we will let you know and help you through the process at cost.

What I can't sell?

  • Electronic & electrical goods,
  • books & media,
  • apparels (except accessories like scarf, sweaters, hats, footwear),
  • sporting goods,
  • furniture,
  • kitchen appliances & cook wear,
  • kids toys,
  • car accessories…. Details in Seller’s policy

Product listing

Minimum of 1 product to unlimited product listing based on the subscription package chosen. 3 subscription packages to choose from - Basic, Flexi & Gold.

Product details 

Ensure to list weight of the product in Kgs & Dimensions in cms. Enter the no. of days in which your product will be ready to ship. These details are important to offer correct pricing to the customer

Image specification

  1. Product Images: The product that you are listing in your store should be min. 600x600 px. No watermarks on the image
  2. Store Banner: This is mostly one-time upload except you want to change the store look. The banner is first impression of your store & does showcase your store features. Ensure that the image size is 825 x 300 px.
  3. Logo/profile picture: The logo image size is 128x128 px

Stock Quantity 

It is important to maintain stock quantity of each product on the respective product listing page. Especially in cases where you are selling the same product through other channels. If the sale of the same product has happened through other sources, ensure to reduce the number of quantity of the product in your vilyoo listing.


Vilyoo's logistics team will pickup the product & deliver it to the customer. If artist want to ship themselves they can do so. 

Fees to use the site

We currently add a 10% commission to your price before listing the product on the site.